National Democratic Alliance


  • Priorities
  • Resource provision
  • Infrastructural and territorial development
  • Tax policy
  • Social policy
  • Law and Justice
  • Security and protection
  • Strategic priorities

Advancement and Development

  1. Form an efficient system of state administration.

  2. Launch scientific, defense and mining industries for a complete strategic and pragmatic economy, one that can participate in international developments.

  3. Take steps to promote Armenia as a key part of the North-South Corridor, to perceive and participate in the developments caused by the international “Forth Industrial Revolution”, including:

    • Creating e-commerce platforms with the support of the state and the involvement of Armenians abroad,

    • Creating block-chain crypto economy platforms with the support of the state,

    • Establishing biotechnology, media technology, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies laboratory platforms,

    • Expanding and developing the existing capabilities, start Armenia's technological transfer program to transform it into a regional center,

    • Aligning the education system with the prospect of becoming a key part of the North-South Corridor and to the standards of the “Forth Industrial Revolution”,

    • Aligning the legislation, financial and credit systems as key parts of the North-South Corridor for the prospect of forming the requirements of the “Forth Industrial Revolution”.

  1. Form a national database for available human resources primarily from the mid-level personnel from state administration, political organizations, expert circles and top ranking Armenian specialists from abroad, as well as, if necessary, seek the services of highly qualified foreign specialists.

  2. Form an up-to-date training system for public administration specialists.

  3. Create favorable legislative, socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions for repatriation.

  4. Create councils of scientists and experts attached to the National Assembly and the Government.

  5. Create a National Investment Fund (NIF), which initially as a result of economic lustration will be funded from the recompensated proceeds of the stolen assets and capital by the previous criminal regime.

  6. Invite Armenian owned foreign companies with popular trademarks or brands to organize their business in the RA and as one of the enticement, offer them preferential tax conditions.

  7. Expand state-supported innovation development grant programs.

  8. Establish the "All-Armenian Investment Development Bank" (hereinafter referred to as "AIDB"), where its capital will be mainly investments from individuals and legal entities interested in the development of Armenia, which will inevitably provide a new competitive atmosphere in the business world.

  9. Significantly reduce interest rates on loans by all possible means.

  10. Fundamentally revise the state procurement system and legislation, including the process of recognizing the winner of the tender principles and further control mechanisms.

  1. Establish state control over strategic infrastructure and facilities.

  2. Taking into account the prospect of forming a pivotal part of the North-South corridor, bridge the economic infrastructure for self-sufficiency in telecommunications, water distribution, water use and core energy systems:

    • Strategic completion of the country's highway network together with the North-South Motorway, in order to build the Yerevan-Martuni-Vardenis highway, which will also become a more protected internal road connecting Vayots Dzor and Syunik through the Vardenyats pass.

    • Modernize the existing communication and other infrastructures, as well as to create new infrastructures,

    • Having in mind the prospect of demilitarization and opening of Nakhichevan, be ready for its communication operation of infrastructures,

    • Build tunnels for efficient distribution and use of water resources, the Akhuryan-Kasakh canal and the Kasakh-Armavir hydro cascade (annual 2-2.5 billion kwh), thanks to which it will be possible to also deliver about 1 billion cubic meters of water to the Ararat valley annually in order to stop the water intake from Lake Sevan and the artesian waters of the Ararat valley basin,

    • Take steps using non-enriched uranium (By DUPIC technology - “Direct Use of Plutonium in CANDU") to build a new nuclear power plant,

    • Build an Iran-Armenia gas pipeline with large capacity,

    • Embark on the development of renewable energy on a large scale,

    • Create a national airline with state participation.

  1. Carry out real-time mapping and monitoring of deposits.

  2. Study the legality of the licenses issued for the purpose of exploitation of mines operating in RA and identify their true owners.

  3. Create mechanisms guaranteeing the procurement and processing of agricultural products with the participation of the state.

  4. Implement full electronic anti-hail protection of agricultural lands under unified management system.

  5. Implement pre-programmed water use systems optimizing water use and excluding mechanical water loss. Modernization and application of water use program, including the creation of local catch basins and the production of pipes and other parts necessary for water supply and simultaneously identify and hold accountable those who committed abuses in the field of water use.

  6. Support and subsidize agricultural holdings by all possible means, including the creation of inter-community associations that provide agricultural machinery and professional services, assistance and maintenance.

  7. Establish, through targeted investment programs, large extreme sport, hiking and cultural tourist centers.

  8. Implement an effective national plan for the balanced development of all regions.

  9. Transforming the border regions of Syunik and Vayots Dzor into Privileged Administrative and Economic Zones: in the context of resettlement by offering incentives, promoting development of the economy, educational and cultural structures, testing and implementation of new forms of life organization, such as, green economy, renewable energy, etc.

  10. Develop and implement the restoration of the former administrative regions of the Republic of Armenia, thus creating unified and enlarged administrative units, which will facilitate the management of those communities through independent local self-governing bodies and through direct referendums on exceptional issues.

  1. Conduct a tax policy promoting investments and strategic initiatives.

  2. Apply a preferential tax policy in the IT sector and possibly consider to fully exempt the IT sector from taxation.

  3. Consider establishing a two-year tax holiday for small and medium-sized businesses and a simplified taxation schedule of one type of tax for the later years.

  1. Introduce a Unified Electronic Payment (UEP) system, replacing the existing social cards which are somewhat used for this purpose.

    • Abolish the subjective state-ordered specific healthcare payments and pay for all medical care and service using UEP,

    • Pay for all social assistance and benefits using UEP,

    • Pay the costs of education from primary school to graduate professional education with UEP,

    • Radically reduce the shadow economy by using the UEP in the retail trade;

    • Provide a refund of up to 10% on retail transactions to the UEP cardholder (tax-free monthly income)

    • Provide public health care insurance for the population from the state budget from the income received.

  1. Revive trade unions on a professional basis.

  2. Revive trade unions on a professional basis.

  3. Define the minimum consumer basket according to actual requirements.

  4. Develop and implement effective government programs to overcome extreme poverty for people in difficult life situations.

  5. Bring the minimum wage and pension to the level of the minimum consumer basket in stages.

  6. Revise the salaries of the employees of the public administration system, increasing them in stages to the level of ensuring a decent life.

  7. Establish a decent social security package for the families of the persons killed during the defense of the homeland and for those who were disabled and their families.

  8. Develop and implement (with the help of the system specified in clause 31) incentives for the encouragement of childbirth and maternity, provide for childcare programs, including financial support.

  9. Implement a social housing construction program with the right to free use of apartments.

  10. Implement a housing construction program with the right to ownership of the apartments, for those affected by the earthquake of December 7, 1988 that are still without housing, those displaced by the war, families of needy servicemen killed or disabled in the war and other participants in combat operations, as well as repatriates who lost their property due to conflicts or other reasons,

  11. Start negotiations with commercial banks and credit organizations regarding outstanding loan penalties and the amnesty of fines.

  12. Significantly revise gas and electricity supply tariffs with the purpose of reducing them.

  1. In the context of transitional justice:

    • Organize criminal justice through an ad hoc court;

    • perform agency, economic and political lustration (declassification) and according to its results ban the public activities of the leaders of the previous regimes and the parties that were part of them for life, deprive others of the right to hold state and local self-government positions for life, as well as hold responsible the people who oppressed and looted the country and to return the looted assets to the people and to the state.

  1. Clarify the causes and losses of the 4-day war in 2016 and the 44-day war in 2020 and bring the culprits to justice through the transitional judiciary.

  2. Fundamentally review the RA legislation in order to maximally coordinate, simplify and amend unlawful or private-interest laws (for example, mandatory pensions, red lines, high fines and penalties for violating traffic rules, etc.) created for the repressive administration of anti-national and criminal regimes.

  3. Fundamentally review the RA legislation in order to maximally coordinate, simplify and amend unlawful or private-interest laws (for example, mandatory pensions, red lines, high fines and penalties for violating traffic rules, etc.) created for the repressive administration of anti-national and criminal regimes.

  4. Through the adoption of a separate law and based on it, in order to achieve real justice, review the cases of serious and particularly serious crimes, including those sentenced to life imprisonment.

  5. By adopting a separate law and based on it, without limitation of the limitation period, restore the violated property rights and interests of the dispossessed legal and physical persons, as well as to bring the guilty to justice.

  6. Through constitutional and/or legislative amendments.

    • Abolish the restriction on passive right to vote only on being a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and only residing in the Republic of Armenia, at the same time defining only the RA the exercise of passive electoral rights requirement to recognize citizenship,

    • Restore the electoral right of the RA citizens registered in Artsakh, as well as living abroad,

    • Create a 9-member High Court by merging the Constitutional and Cassation Courts,

    • Transfer the anti-corruption functions of the RA National Anti-Corruption Committee to the RA Anti-Corruption Committee,

    • Limit the stage of pre-trial proceedings in criminal proceedings to the presentation of charges to the case in order to carry out a full examination in court,

    • Grant the defense party the right to collect evidence and to attract witnesses in criminal cases,

    • Entrust the pre-trial proceedings of criminal cases, in addition to the cases under the authority of the Anti-Corruption Committee, to the RA Investigative Committee and transfer to it the investigation of the cases under the authority of the RA Special Investigation Service, the RA NSS and the RA tax and customs investigation bodies,

    • Transfer the investigative functions and structures of the RA Police to the RA Anti-Corruption Committee and the RA Investigative Committee, respectively.

    • Develop and adopt a new Constitution, based on it, a new Electoral Code and a new Law on Political Parties.

  1. Develop and adopt a new Constitution, based on it, a new Electoral Code and a new Law on Political Parties.

  1. To initiate the economic, legal, social and other issues at the forefront of the creation of the "Nation-Army" which include:

    • to ensure a productive level of management of the Armed Forces through personnel changes of the top and middle command staff,

    • to allocate sufficient funds for the government to acquire weapons and military equipment and to implement the necessary programs of the defense industry;

    • take measures to create civil defense infrastructure,

    • radically revise the current system of defense at the line of contact with the enemy (namely, having professional personnel instead of conscripts, as well as applying modern technologies and techniques). Considering that our country lacks strategic, and in some areas even operational depth, to organize the protection of the state border together with the line of contact by creating Armed Border Guard Troops for the purpose of guarding the border and protecting the line of contact by using all the resources of Border Guard troops of National Security Services and Police troops.

    • Determine the border protection zone according to the criteria necessary for protection (including the entirety of the provinces of Syunik and Vayots Dzor) and form territorial defense forces operating under the command of the relevant military units of the Armed Forces while arming the inhabitants of that zone.

    • to launch a program of radical modernization of the defense management system and the structure of the Armed Forces.

  1. To completely revise the security system by creating structures that balance out each other while providing and coordinating the entire scope of security (i.e. political-analytical intelligence, foreign intelligence, defense intelligence, internal security and counterintelligence, operational-criminal intelligence.

  2. To revise the training of security-defense personnel in order to integrate it into the general scientific and educational system of RA and supplementing it with the necessary components, including scientific research, as well as exclude special services officers and significantly limit the preparation and training of junior officers of the Armed Forces in foreign educational institutions.

  1. To consolidate the national-democratic potential and to form an anti-crisis transitional government, taking into account the priorities of broad national consensus and inclusiveness, based on the principle of non-partisanship, which will take over the management of the state from the necessary moment and ensure the overcoming of the existing systemic crisis by implementing the transition plan.

    • To ensure the succession of the Armenian Republic of 1918-20 and to declare the restoration of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia as a system-creating priority of the national strategy in the context of the Armenian question (including Artsakh and Western Armenia),

    • To condemn the aggression of 1918-20 Kemalist Turkey and Soviet Russia against the Republic of Armenia in 1920-21 and the documents recording the results thereof, including and first of all, the Moscow Agreement of March 16, 1921,

    • To give a juridical and political evaluation of the Soviet occupation period (December 2, 1920 - December 26, 1991) and to declare null and void all international treaties and other acts of that period, beginning with the formation of the USSR on December 30, 1922 as well as the domestic acts related to the occupied territories of the Republic of Armenia (Artsakh, Nakhichevan, etc.) during the period of de jure independence (December 26, 1991 - until the moment of adoption of the Declaration) after the restoration of Armenia's independent statehood.

  1. To adopt in totality the requirements of the Declaration of Independence of Armenia of August 23, 1990 and thereby:

    • To adopt in totality the requirements of the Declaration of Independence of Armenia of August 23, 1990 and thereby:

    • To create a comprehensive, transitional judiciary resulting from a juridical and political assessment.

    • To adopt a new Constitution taking into account the assessment of political law bringing forth a new Electoral Code and regulations of political parties.

  1. To organize special elections.

  2. Adopt the succession of the Republic of Armenia of 1918-20 and within that context, the solution of the Armenian question (including the question of Artsakh). Creation of a strategic concept of national security serving the realization of restoring the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia and installing emergency measures as may be required until the adoption is finalized.

    • To pursue a multipolar foreign policy instead of the current unipolar foreign policy connected to Russia only. To obtain true allies instead of Russia whose mission it is to hand Armenia over to Turkey. Prioritize obtaining the status of Major Non-NATO Ally of the United States,

    • Take measures within the formats of the UN Security Council and the OSCE Minsk Group to condemn and annul the tripartite declaration of November 9, 2020 (except for provisions on ceasefire and humanitarian issues) and other documents based on or arising thereof in order to neutralize the consequences caused by them, starting with the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan returning to their positions of November 9, 2020. To get them out of the regions of Shushi and Hadrut. To solve the issue of the status of Artsakh and the international peacekeepers.

  1. With the support of the USA, France and other future allies, start a qualitative defense system to unite, develop, improve and effectively implement the formation of a “Nation-Army”.

  2. With the support of the USA, France and other future allies, start a qualitative defense system to unite, develop, improve and effectively implement the formation of a “Nation-Army”.

  3. To come out of the current dead-end situation of surrender and to reach a state of rapid development by industrializing the country in the context of the 4th industrial revolution.

  4. To take steps, with the support and participation of the USA and France, as well as cooperation of Georgia and Iran, as a participating country with a pivotal position and role in the South-North geo-economic plan, for the purpose of technological saturation and economic and infrastructure development to receive the Armenian component of the multi-billion regional investment package.

  5. Take steps to demilitarize, establish international control and make the communication infrastructure of Nakhichevan part of the South-North Corridor system.

  6. To ease people's social concerns and facilitate business investments (e.g. loans, taxes, penalties and fines, utility and various other payments, education, health care, fair and free competition, etc.)