1. Develop an effective public administration system.

2. Launch science-based industries, defense industries, strategic programs for the integration of economic value chains conditioned by mining, and take practical measures to participate in global developments in that context.

3. Take steps to participate in the development of Armenia as a key part of the South-North Corridor's prospect պայմանավորված due to the 4th World Industrial Revolution, including:

. To create e-commerce platforms with the support of the state and with the involvement of foreign Armenians
. Create crypto-economy (blockchain economy) platforms with the support of the state
Establish laboratory platforms for biotechnology, media technology, robotic and artificial intelligence technologies
Launch a program to turn Armenia into a regional center of technological transfer by expanding and expanding existing capacities.
to bring the education system in line with the prospect of becoming a key part of the South-North Corridor և the criteria of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Legislation և bring the financial system in line with the requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution with the prospect of becoming a key part of the South-North Corridor.

Resource Provision

4. Establish a national personnel database, first of all, from the middle level of public administration, non-governmental organizations, circles of experts, high-quality specialists of foreign Armenians, as well as, if necessary, use the services of high-level foreign specialists.

5. Establish an up-to-date system of training of public administration specialists.

6. To create favorable legislative, socio-economic, socio-cultural conditions for repatriation.

7. To the National Assembly ստեղծել To establish scientific expert councils attached to the Government.

8. Establish a National Investment Fund (NIF), the funds of which will initially be generated by economic lustration through the return of capital stolen from Armenia by members of the former criminal regime.

9. Invite to the Republic of Armenia the Armenian owners of organizations with well-known trademarks to organize business with their trademarks (brand) on preferential tax terms in the Republic of Armenia.

10. Expand state-funded innovation development grant programs.

11. Establish an "All-Armenian Investment Development Bank" (hereinafter referred to as the CDB) and involve individuals and legal entities interested in Armenia's development in its authorized capital, which will also enable the creation of a new competitive situation.

12. Significantly reduce loan interest rates by all possible means.

13. Thoroughly review the public procurement system և legislation, including the principles of recognizing the winner of the tender և further control mechanisms.

Infrastructure-Territorial Development

14. Establish national control over strategic infrastructure: facilities.

15. Taking into account the prospect of being a key part of the South-North corridor, to create telecommunication, water distribution-water և energy system-axes to ensure the country's bridging and economic-infrastructural self-sufficiency:

. Along with the North-South highway, in order to strategically complete the country's highway network, build the Yerevan-Martuni-Vardenis highway on the East-West route, which will become a link between the Vardenyats mountain pass, Vayots Dzor and Syunik.upgrade existing communication և other infrastructure as well as create new infrastructure;

. Having in mind the prospect of demilitarization and opening of Nakhichevan, be ready for the operation of its communication infrastructure

To build Akhuryan-Kasakh canal և Kasakh-Armavir hydro cascade (2-2.5 billion kWh per year) for the efficient distribution and use of water resources և using tunnel solutions, due to which it will be possible to deliver about 1 billion cubic meters of water per year to Ararat valley, stop Water intake շահ Exploitation of the artesian basin of the Ararat Valley

Take steps to build a new nuclear power plant (By Direct Dupic technology - "Direct Use of Plutonium in CANDU")

. to build a large-capacity Iran-Armenia gas pipeline

. to start the development of renewable energy on a large scale,

. to create a national air carrier with the participation of the state.

16. Carry out real-time check mapping and monitoring of mines.

17. Examine the legality of the licenses issued for the exploitation of the mines operating in the Republic of Armenia և Identify their real owners.

18. Establish mechanisms to guarantee the procurement and processing of agricultural products with the participation of the state.

19. Introduce a unified e-government system for full anti-hail protection of agricultural lands.

20. Introduce a program of further optimization (planned) use of water use systems to exclude mechanical water loss, including the creation of local catchment areas, production of water supply pipes and other parts, and before that, identify abusers persons:

21. To support բոլոր subsidize farms by all possible means, including the establishment of inter-community associations of professional services, assistance, service and agricultural machinery.
22. Establish large tourist, hiking and cultural tourist centers through targeted investment programs.
23. Implement an effective national program for balanced development of territories.
24. Launch of embryos (models) and models in the context of the strategy of turning the border zone (Syunik և Vayots Dzor marzes with the whole territory) into a privileged administrative zone, their resettlement, promotion of development of economy and educational structures, organization of new life (green economy, renewable energy, etc.) program including other necessary directions.

25. Develop and implement a program to rehabilitate the former administrative districts of the Republic of Armenia, to govern them as unified enlarged communities through local referendums, to govern through local self-government bodies;

Tax Policy

26. Manage Investments հարկ A tax policy that promotes strategic plans.

27. Apply a preferential tax policy in the IT sector, considering it possible to exempt the sector from taxes altogether.

28. Consider introducing a two-year tax leave for small and medium-sized businesses, and later paying the maximum simplified one tax type for them.

Social policy

29. Introduce a unified electronic payment system, replacing existing social cards with operational cards, using them.

. eliminate the state-funded principle of healthcare ել pay for medical care and services

,. pay social assistance and benefits,

pay for pre-school to post-graduate vocational education

, Contribute to the radical reduction of the shadow economy by using them as retail payment cards

. Ensure the return of up to 10% of retail transactions to the cardholder (non-taxable monthly income)

. To organize state health insurance of the population at the expense of the state budget with the received income.

30. Revitalize trade unions on a professional basis.

31. Define the minimum consumer basket according to the real requirements.

32. Develop և implement effective state programs to support extreme poverty alleviation, persons in difficult situations և families.

33. Minimum Wage նել Gradually bring the pension to the level of the minimum consumer basket.

34. Review the salaries of public administration employees, gradually bringing them to the level of ensuring a dignified life.

35. Establish decent social security for the families of persons killed during the defense of the Homeland, persons with disabilities and their families.

36. Develop and implement (with the support of the system referred to in paragraph 31 of this section) a birth control, maternity and child care program, including a multiplier increase in financial support.

37. Implement a social housing program with the right to free use of apartments.

38. Implement a housing program in 1988 ․ For the families of the homeless victims of the December 7 earthquake, the displaced by the war, the needy servicemen killed or disabled in the war and other combatants, as well as for the repatriates who lost their property due to conflicts or other reasons.

39. Initiate negotiations with commercial banks և credit organizations for amnesty of penalties for outstanding loans և fines.

40. Significantly review gas and electricity tariffs for reduction.

1. In the Context of Transitional Justice ․

. organize criminal justice through an ad hoc court;

. to carry out agency, economic-political lustration (declassification), to ban the public activities of the leaders of the former regimes and their party members for life, to deprive others of the right to hold state and local self-government positions, as well as to hold accountable those who oppressed and plundered the country. to return the plundered wealth to the people and the state.

2. Find out 2016 ․ 4-day և 2020 ․ Bring the perpetrators to justice through the tools of transitional justice, the causes of the 44-day war, the losses.

3. Thoroughly review the legislation of the Republic of Armenia in order to coordinate and simplify it as much as possible in order to amend the laws created for the oppressive management of nationalist and criminal regimes, which serve unjustly or serve private interests (eg mandatory pensions, red lines, high traffic fines, penalties, etc.).

4. Review cases on serious, especially grave crimes, including those sentenced to life imprisonment, by adopting a separate law based on it in order to achieve real justice.

5. By adopting a separate law, on the basis of it, without limitation of the statute of limitations, to restore the violated property rights and interests of the deprived legal-natural persons, as well as to bring to justice the guilty persons.

6.Through constitutional և / or legislative changes.

. Eliminate the restrictions on the right to be a citizen of the Republic of Armenia only, to reside only in the Republic of Armenia, at the same time establishing a requirement to recognize only the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia for the exercise of a passive right to vote;

. to restore the suffrage of RA citizens registered in Artsakh, as well as living abroad,

. create a Supreme Court consisting of 9 members, merging the Constitutional և Courts of Cassation;

. To transfer the anti-corruption functions of the RA NSS to the RA Anti-Corruption Committee,

. Limit the pre-trial stage of criminal proceedings to bringing charges in order to conduct a full examination of the case in court;

. to equip the defense in criminal cases with the right to gather evidence and to involve witnesses;

. The pre-trial proceedings of criminal cases, except for the cases subordinated to the Anti-Corruption Committee, should be reserved for the RA Investigation Committee;

. Transfer the investigative functions and structures of the RA Police to the RA Anti-Corruption Committee and the RA Investigative Committee, respectively.

7. Develop և adopt a new Constitution, based on it, a new Electoral Code և a new law on parties.

1. Launch organizational, economic, legal, social and other priority measures for the implementation of the program for the establishment of the "Nation-Army" organization, including:

. Ensure an effective level of management of the Armed Forces through personnel changes in the senior and middle command staff;

. Concentrate sufficient material resources in the hands of the state to acquire armaments and military equipment, to implement necessary programs for the defense industry;

. take measures to build civil defense infrastructure;

. to radically reconsider the current system of defense of the line of contact with the enemy (in particular, by involving professional personnel instead of conscripts, as well as using modern technologies), taking into account that our country does not have strategic, and in some parts even operative, depth along the line of contact To organize the protection of the state border as a component of protection, to establish the Border Troops of the Armed Forces for the protection of the Line of Contact, for the replenishment of which to use the entire resource of the NSS Border Troops and the Police Troops;

. To determine the border protection zone according to the criteria necessary for defense (Syunik և Vayots Dzor marzes, with the whole territory);

. Launch a program of radical modernization of the defense system համակարգի structure of the Armed Forces.

2.Radically review the system of security bodies, creating a system of structures balancing each other, ensuring and coordinating the entire scope of security: political-analytical intelligence, external intelligence, defense intelligence, internal security, counter-intelligence, operative-criminal intelligence.

3. To review the training system of the security-defense sphere in order to integrate it into the general scientific-educational system of the Republic of Armenia, to supplement it with necessary components, including research, to exclude special services, to significantly limit the training and retraining of junior officers of the Armed Forces. in foreign educational institutions.