In the aftermath of the violent and brutal actions of the Armenian police against the NDA protestors on the Genocide Commemoration Day, The Livingston Group–-NDA’s lobbyist in Washington, DC–has circulated a Policy Brief to the U.S. Congress, the National Security Council, the State Department, and human rights organizations.

The Brief informed our interlocutors of the circumstances of those events (including the possible role of Anna Hakobyan, Prime Minister’s wife, in instigating the police violence) and called upon the U.S. government to hold the Pashinyan regime accountable for its actions and to begin contingency planning consultations with the NDA to prevent Armenia from falling into chaos.

We thank The Livingston Group for its steadfast and timely efforts on behalf of NDA and the people of Armenia and stand ready to work with the US and other Western partners to help manage the current crisis and secure a predictable transition of power in Armenia. (

NDA Governing Council