On April 1st, 2024, The Washington Times published an article about the US policy vis-a-via Armenia authored by former U.S. Congressman Bob Livingston. In it, Mr. Livington recounted his collaboration in Congress with the then President Ronald Reagan, an effort that helped defeat the Soviet Union in the 1980’s.

While praising President Reagan’s policy of “peace through strength”, Mr. Livingston makes a case for the U.S. government’s assistance to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), a party capable of bringing Armenia out of the Russian orbit. The article draws a stark contrast between NDA and Pashinyan’s “defeatist” policies on Artsakh, where Russia has taken an increasingly anti-Armenian position, and points to the NDA’s reliance on the League of Nations’ 1920 decision as the foundation for the final solution to the conflict.

The Washington Times is one of the United States’ largest and influential political news outlets. It has been established by, and is closely associated with, President Reagan, who made it a tradition for the Republican party leaders to read The Washington Times regularly.

It is unprecedented for an Armenian opposition party to be profiled in a U.S. publication of such caliber, making this a major victory against the media blockade of NDA by the Pashinyan administration in Armenia.

We wholeheartedly thank Mr. Livingston and The Livingston Group—our lobbyists in Washington—for their support and for making the publication of this article possible.

NDA Governing Council